1989-90 Players Records
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29. 1989-90 Players Records

The team picture is from the very first fixture played at Wincham Park.

On 19th August 1989 it was a pre-season friendly that Stafford Rangers won 1-0 (Terry Knight) with 580 in attendance.

DebutStartsSubstitute onGoalsAppearancesGoals
Mark Burrell26-08-89646646
John Coleman26-08-8963(3)236623
Andy Newell26-08-896363
Mark Edwards20-08-8862(2)2612356
Paul Lodge10-09-885821156
Paul Cuddy07-10-895151
Gary Stewart26-09-8945(4)4494
Steve Ellis20-08-8844 49710
John Brown10-09-8835(15)310212
Gary Boyle22-08-8734(5)1452
Dave Barnett26-08-8933(7)2402
Paul Dawson05-11-883369
Tony Jarvis12-01-8832(17)1612142
Paul Higginbotham14-10-8726(29)811221
Simon Mourne26-08-8924(6)1715
Stuart Mellish07-11-8917(1)1181
Kevin Still02-09-8911(5)16
John Davison10-12-8510(3)111114
Chris Molloy11-10-899(2)11
Chris Hurst12-11-88529
Graham Ford21-11-874(4)1598
David Whyke27-03-9033
David Mycock24-03-90(1)1
own goals2