1973-74 Players Records
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11. 1973-74 Players Records

At the moment this is the only photo available and shows some of the players at an early pre-season training session. Identified are (l-r) Milner, Mason, ?. ?. Jackson, Goryl & Griffiths.

DebutStartsSubstitute onGoalsAppearancesGoals
John Goryl10-02-6851271
Dave Griffiths25-08-73501511
John Bell (gk)03-04-7149110
George Lewicki10-01-7348175017
Ray Johnston25-08-73484484
Paul Mason12-08-7237(1)79012
Les Milner30-04-723678419
Graham Moult12-12-7035(1)1641
Alan Haspell16-09-7032(3)19532
Paul Bennett12-12-732828
Tony Jackson27-10-7323(1)8248
Peter Saunders01-09-73201201
Tony Dove22-08-64206226
Martin Skelhorn10-01-7317(3)2347
Tom Langstaff02-03-74103103
Dave Ellis25-08-739(2)2112
Vince Salisbury25-08-739191
Dave Carrick09-08-698324197
Miro Caric17-04-717(2)15
David Swain21-08-727605
Dave Grimbaldeston08-09-735(1)6
Bob Booth19-09-735(1)6
Peter Behan20-03-743131
Jim Grimes01-12-732(2)141
Bob Twiss27-03-7328
Dave Farron15-08-702112218
Bob Tongue (gk)09-02-7422
Phil Conduit10-03-7422
Peter Dumbill09-03-741(1)2
Ian Hadfield29-04-741(1)2
Paul Watkins (gk)22-12-7311
Keith Curzon05-12-7311
Roger Alexander12-12-7311
Bernie Kehoe25-08-73(2)2
own goals1